By: Anuradha

Kids are super crazy at times. Most of the times parents love them enormously and bear up all the naughty things that they do. More than anything, kids also have all the time in the world to plan all mischievous stuff and therefore, they have the ability to surprise you all of a sudden. If you have a kid who is still in the first five years of life, then you would know how bad parenting can be. Despite all their cuteness and loveliness, they can be uncontrollably mischievous and that is why it is always better to keep an eye on them.

We are talking about kids and them being naughty because we are going to tell you about a girl who trained her bird to attack people she wants. That may sound scary and you might even think it to be funny!

A Twitter user recently shared a video of her niece and her bird and it went viral. The video received 1.6 million likes and 511k retweets! The little girl looking like a character from a super villain movie grabbed the attention of many people and they all had a lot to say.

Even though it was amusing to see how she has trained her bird, many argue whether this would be a good thing for a little girl to practice. Teaching little kids about evil and hatred from their very young days will not result in good things but you can also say that the kid has just trained the bird!

However, you can watch the video below and do not forget to share your honest thoughts with us too!

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