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5 Lasting Mental Health Effects Of Cheating.

Cheating on your partner is one of the most disgusting things you can do. You might have been the world to them while they might not mean a thing to you. Whether you did it for the sake of doing it or because of your dissatisfaction with the relationship, cheating can crush a persons’ mental health. It affects a person’s sense of self-worth and leaves a lasting mark on the personality. It constantly reminds you that you were not good enough and that you lack the ability to keep your partner satisfied and loyal. It shatters your perception of happiness and love, it confuses you, filling you with anger and regret.

Here are five unforeseen ways that being cheated on can affect your life.

#1. Lack of self-esteem.

Cheating is a blow to your self-esteem. Many victims of cheating respond to an affair by blaming themselves. But the decision to cheat was not yours; it was your partner who decided to cheat on you. Even though there may have been problems in your relationship, chances are that it has more to do with some deficiency in your partner than in you.

#2. Panic attacks and anxiety.

Coping with stressful events that have big negative impacts on our lives, and anxiety is commonly experienced by many of us. It affects your mental health; it is responsible for restlessness, panic attacks, and destabilizing worries.

#3. Loss of trust in the cheating partner and future partners alike.

The victim of cheating may find it difficult to trust as they may doubt their judgment naturally. The baggage of betrayal can follow even if you begin a new relationship. You have to deal with your trust issues, and seek professional help if needed. In the future, you and your family will be grateful that you dealt with everything successfully.

#4. Eating disorders.

Eating issues are not limited to gender and age. Anyone can have eating issues such as munching a lot in secret, restricting the amount you eat or basing your self-worth on how much you weigh. Research indicates that eating disorders can be linked to stressful events or traumas such as cheating, where someone lacking self-confidence or control can become intensely critical of themselves.

#5. Heavy impacts all areas of life.

Being cheated on has a ripple effect on your life. You may begin looking differently in many aspects of life. So it is important that you do not run to make major changes in your life.

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