Sounds harsh right? But it’s true

I don’t care if people “make mistakes.” I don’t care if we are “all human. “Cheating is not a mistake you make when you truly love somebody.

It is hard to understand how those who cheat say they still love the person who they have cheated on. Cheating absolutely means that your heart is not fully devoted to a one person. It means your emotions are still wandering; if not why else would anyone cheat?

I once dated a guy who used to flirt with other girls. So yes, I do have experience on this to a certain extent. Even though it wasn’t sexual cheating, flirting with other girls still counts as emotional cheating.

It really confuses me, how a person could say they love someone to their face, then turn and do something which would hurt them to the core. Why would you do that to the person who you are supposed to take care of? To me, cheating is the meanest and hurtful thing one can possibly do.

Some say it’s because they aren’t fully satisfied with their relationships. But hey, hook up or flirt with other people just because your relationship isn’t fully doing it for you. Instead ‘TALK ABOUT IT!”. I admit it’s not easy to discuss things like this straight away. But if you take the time to plan out what you want to say and phrase things right, your relationship will be better off. And some give far crappier, humiliating and insulting excuses such as” I had to wander and experiment with someone else to realize I truly wanted to be with my partner.” Does such excuses make any sense to you? Honestly, if you have questions whether you are with the right person and want some space to reconsider, tell them and take a break for a while to

“just make sure” you are doing the right thing. Cheating while in a relationship is wrong in many levels.

If you feel attracted to someone else while you are in a relationship, you need to sit down and decide whether to go after this specific person or stay in the existing relationship. If you decide to go after that person, please give up on the current relationship first. Also, it’s wise to remember this, if you really loved the person who you are in a relationship with, it’s highly unlikely you will feel the urge to go after another. In this sort of a situation, my recommendation is to leave. I know that sounds harsh, but the person you’re dating doesn’t deserve to be cheated on.

Finally remember this, even though the person you’re cheating on never finds out, it will be something you have to carry with you, a guilty feeling that will follow you for the rest of the relationship.

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