By. Anuradha

We always live surrounded by people who might like us or can even hate us. Many people do not show their real face to others and therefore, it is really hard to find ones who are genuinely loyal and faithful. But, no matter how kind and sweet you are.

Always choose the people who choose you.

You might be attached to some people who never saw any value in you. The beauty of your heart and the purity of your soul left unnoticed in their eyes and even though you adored them, they did not even waste a thought on you. They did not see your true colors and therefore, there is no use of keeping your heart vacant for them to return. You should not make yourself sad by thinking about them but you should always choose the people who choose you. 

Even when everyone else left you, they kept their hopes on you and they stayed with you as they value you. They saw what a mess you can be, but even then they decided to be there for you. So, you have to choose these people who truly deserve your attention and kindness than the ones who left you for nothing.

The people who walked away and left you heartbroken were never true to you.

They never saw you in their future and never had any hopes or dreams about you. You were not even important enough to be a topic of their discussions and you were simply worthless in their eyes. It might hurt a lot for you because on the other hand, you always pictured them in your future and you had a lot of hopes about them. But, now that they are gone you can realize the truth about them and now the best thing is to understand their reality and move on with your life. They have taught you a good lesson and now you can face your future with much confidence.

Moreover, there is no use of wishing that these people come back into your life.

They are on their journey and they don’t see you in it. You can wish them good luck and try to make a better future for yourself. You still have people who love you beside you encouraging you and guiding you and you need to be successful for their sake. They deserve your appreciation and gratitude and you need to show your love to them.

So, don’t focus on the ones who left you.

Focus on the people who motivate you and help you to become better. Always be there for them and support them in every possible way. Your heart will soon recover from all aches and you will feel much better once you realize this truth about you.

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