By. Anuradha

Sometimes, some people leave deep imprints on our hearts so that we remember them dearly even after their death. We cherish their memories and always speak of them with love and kindness as all that they have done in life is immeasurable. However, this article is not going to be about a human but about a dear cat who stole the hearts of everyone in his town and sadly, this dear one had recently said his final goodbyes to his human friends.

Tombili was an adorable cat who was the pet of everyone in Istanbul. He was very much a star of the city because of his iconic poses and he was known not only by the locals but also by the tourists who visit this beautiful city. He did not have an owner but was rather a wanderer but when looking at his tummy, we can say that he never spent a day without food. He was that much loved and people even began to take pictures with him.

Image Credit: tapirr/Reddit

However, he passed away recently due to an illness and people were really worried about this loss. They started keeping notes and flowers on the spot that he used to hang around the most and that was when his biggest fans got the idea to make a sculpture in memory of this beloved cat.

Image Credit: Anadolu Kedisi / Facebook

Image Credit: Anadolu Kedisi / Facebook

So, they started a petition to erect a bronze statue of the cat with his iconic pose and once they got 17,000 signs, the town people decided to put their thought into action.
So, now this beloved cat’s statue is set up there and if you visit Istanbul, you can also pay a visit to this statue and say hi to Tombili.

Image Credit: Anadolu Kedisi / Facebook

Image Credit: Imgur

Even though this statue will never wag its tail or purr around your feet, you can still see the beloved cat’s lovely eyes and we are so grateful for the people in this town for doing something in the memory of a wanderer. So, If you enjoyed the pictures of the statue, Share them among your friends to appreciate this beautiful artwork created by the townspeople.

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