Once in a while life sends something unexpected our way and this pleasant surprise could even come in the form of a bear cub. A famished bear cub recently visited the village located in the Borisovsky region, Belarus. The poor creature was starving and came into the village hoping to find some food to fill up its tiny belly. Fortunately for the bear cub, a kindhearted farmer appeared in the form of a savior.

Little did this human know that he would end up being the owner of a pet bear. Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky owns a farm in the Borisovsky region. This individual took pity on the malnourished bear cub and decided to provide the creature with a home since the cub was too young to be taken to a zoo and too young to survive on its own in the wild.

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It is rare to come across brown bears in Belarus and they are a species facing extinction. They have also been listed as threatened in the Red Book.

Since Nikolay was aware of this fact he got in contact with the authorities regarding this matter. He was given only two options, he could either return it to the wild or put it to sleep. Nikolay did not want to pick either of the two options and decided to care for the poor creature and give the cub a home.

There was also no sign of the cub’s mother though huntsmen explored the nearby forests for two days straight.

The cub was kept on the farm legally because Nikolay was concerned about the creature fending for itself alone in the forest.

The bear cub was named Vasilisa and a committee consisting of experts issued a passport for the animal.

Vasilisa is now thriving in the new environment surrounded by humans who love the cub unconditionally.

The cub is as playful as ever and has transformed from a malnourished cub to a healthy one. Nikolay also has plans to construct a huge enclosure for Vasilisa that includes an observation area.

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