By. Ran

There was a time when she thought that she had a fairy tale love story. A relationship that everyone dreamt of having. A connection that transcended mortal boundaries. But, little did she know that her ‘soul mate’ was a narcissist.

It was a nightmare. Her hero turned in to a demon. Her dreams broke down in front of her own eyes.

But, the worst thing is, no matter how certain of his true colors she was, she could not leave him. She could not make up her mind. His lies were too real for her, his charm too alluring, his gaze too seductive.

But one day, she reached the limit. She summoned up all her strength and courage, and she left him. But she was broken. To the very core of her existence. What she experienced in her relationship with the narcissist completely changed her.

And now she loves differently. And there are 8 ways how she loves differently.

#1. She is distant.

She is afraid. Afraid of having her heart bleeding again. That is why she is distant when she meets someone new. This way, she is attempting to protect herself, her heart. 

#2. She has trust issues.

Her voice had no importance in her last relationship. She was manipulated and controlled. He made her be afraid of losing him. He fed lies to her. Now, as a result, she has trust issues.

#3. She needs to feel safe.

She is hurt. So she needs someone to promise her that everything will be all right. She wants someone who will be her safe place, her safe heaven. Someone who will love her no matter what, someone who will make her feel safe at any cost.

#4. She does not know what real love is.

She just got a glimpse of love. And it hurt her badly. Thee narcissist gave her a false perception of what love is. And now she does not know how to act around true love.

#5. She is waiting for a disaster.

She is insecure. And she waits for things to go down. She waits for all the pretty lies to come even though he could be the most wonderful person ever.

#6. She apologizes for everything.

The last relationship was one where she was at fault for everything. The narcissist made her believe that it was her fault, always. That is why she keeps apologizing. Even when it is not her fault.

#7. She wants to destroy everything that is good.

She subconsciously sabotages everything that is good. She is always looking for red flags. And on some level, she refuses to believe that love can be this perfect and beautiful.

#8. She does not believe in love anymore.

The last relationship shattered her beliefs in love. And now it is really hard for her to believe in love.

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