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We all find some way or other to speak our hearts out. Some people choose writing poetry; some choose writing prose. Also, painting has been a medium used by people to voice their innermost thoughts since the dawn of time. This artist too has chosen the paintbrush but in a very specific manner.

Angela Moulton paints birds, with thick strokes.

She is a professional artist who finds inspiration in nature; here, we do not mean nature in its broad sense. She finds inspiration in BIRDS. This is not to say that she does not paint anything besides birds; they appear more than often in her lively paintings while she also paints things other than birds.

Her signature style is one that stands out. With thick and wide strokes of colorful paint, she conjures harmonious bird portraits.

Balancing time between Illinois and Idaho, she sells her original pieces and painted prints online, through the Pratt Creek Art. You can also witness the illusionary process of her working with the paintbrush on her YouTube channel by the same name.

Listed below is a collection of her amazing bird portraits. So, scroll down to witness something that you don’t see every day. And oh, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us through comments.

More info: Pratt Creek Art | Facebook | Instagram

#.1 This couple looks lovely, don’t they?

#2. Never knew that blue had such a deep color.

#3. This is one confident bird!

#4 Thinking!

#5 Those thick violet strokes are magic, aren’t they?

#6. Mom and son.

#7. Pink blue harmony.

#8. Doesn’t she look a bit crossed?

#9. Blue Illusion.

#10. This is so surreal!

#11. Tweetoo- tweetooo.

#12. Bursting with color!

#13. This has a certain soothing quality, right?

#14. Baby birdie!

#15. Lovers in lavender fantasy!

#16. This bird looks wise.

#17. The background looks passionate. Doesn’t it?

#18. Such a harmonious melange of colors!

#19. Would you look at those brushstrokes?

#20. This one is looking right at you!

#21. Happily ever after.

#22. Happy little guy…I can almost hear him singing.

#23. She really does magic with her paintbrush!

#24. This bird looks like the Woody Woodpecker on some lever!

#25. Just don’t understand how she makes these colors go along.

#26. This is one fluffy bird!

#27. She really plays with a happy color!  

#28. This one is…. Just Wow!

#29. Looks very fitting to your visiting area# 30 This makes me happy.

#30. This makes me happy.

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