By. Ran

Pets can erase the loneliness of babies. They can provide companionship and limitless love for babies. So, here are 25 photos that will give you all the evidence you need to believe that your baby needs the doggo just as much as you do!

#1. I love you and I want to lean on to you forever.(katiefy)  

#2. Care to give me a kiss? (mamietitine)  

#3. Pockets filled with little puppies! A mind filled with happiness! (deviantart)  

#4. Who need teddy bears when you have a doggy bear! (blogspot)  

#5. Would you look at how peaceful they look? (delfi)  

#6. Little musician and his best devoted fan! (pinterest)  

#7. The baby looks happy for sure. But I don’t know about the doggy! (enester.tistory)  

#8. Mom, this cat is so incredibly cuter than I expected it to be! (nonapewno)  

#9. I just finished my lullaby! (ecrivainparisien)  

#10. This is one of the cutest pics you will see today. (aupaysderosalie)

#11. My soft fur cushion! (aupaysderosalie)

#12. Look kitty, I promise to love forever! (pinterest)

#13. Let me clean you up. You smell boy! (instagram)

#14. I am gonna feed you just like mama feeds me. (pinterest)

#15. The best bodyguard in the entire world. (pinterest)

#16. I will get the door for you. (Maximo Panes)

#17. This soft fur is pure bliss! (media.catmoji)

#18. My huggy bear who loves me even if I put my feet on his face. (pinterest)

#19. Hey! Look! I got a cat on my arms! Let me in so that I can put her down. (lazyslack)

#20. Hooman mama just had a baby, and it is my responsibility to keep it clean all the time! (lazyslack)

#21. I am really stressed Tommy! I could really use a kissy hug! (orschlurch)  

#22. She is going for a stroll with her buddy. Her buddy looks tall enough to take care of her, right? (blog.petsy)

#23. Thank you, mama, for getting me this cute kitten! She makes me so happy! (pinterest)

#24. Get you, little boy, a dog to make sure that he really enjoys his day outs! (pinterest)

#25. They say the man’s best companion is the dog. And we agree. No question asked. (blogspot)

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