By. Anuradha

We don’t always get the chance to work with perfect people or to be with perfect people. Sometimes, you initially would have thought a certain person to be nice but when you get to be with that person, you realize all that you thought of that person is a mere illusion. This situation arises more often when a narcissist comes to your life. They will tell one thing and do something else and you will not even get a chance to blame them as they always play the role of a victim. 

Narcissists are the people who always think themselves to be perfect. They think that they can do everything better than others and most importantly they never think that they make mistakes. Sometimes, when they realize that they are not right and things have gone wrong because of them, they will try to play the victim and blame someone else.

They can be too demanding and too controlling in a way that you will always act timid and innocent in front of them. Even if you dare to tell them that they are hurting you and that you don’t like the way that person treats you, he/she will just smile at you and say that you are overreacting. They will say that you are being crazy and exaggerating things. Sometimes, they might even go to the extent to dramatize their sorrow and you will end up feeling bad about yourself for bringing the whole incident up. 

If they know that you are sensitive and empathetic, they will even use that for their own benefit. They will tell you about their abusive childhood, their ex-partners and would make you feel so guilty. Most importantly, they will present you as being crazy as opposed to others and everyone else would begin to look down upon you. Even when something happens between both of you, you will always be accused of everything and everyone else will think it is your fault.

So, the best thing that you can do to deal with them is to be very cautious regarding all that you say and do. You should never be provoked by their actions and try to move away from them if possible. The worth of life depends on the challenges you take and you would surely meet better people than them.

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