By. Anuradha

When you have an eye for beauty, you can do marvels even with most common objects. The boring street pipes and walls can be turned into sites of imagination and that is why we need more people with creative minds and extraordinary abilities to the world.

Tom Bob is such a person who refuses to live in normal, boring ways. He always is looking for adventures and tries to reshape the world according to the fantasies in his head. so, he decided to reshape the common urban landscape in his personalized ways and the result turned out to be quite astonishing!

His arts vary from turning a pipe into an anteater from transforming a fire hydrant into Princess Leia with smart execution of 3D art. His wall drawings are quite graceful and he is also talented in graffiti art. Many of his creations can be found from all around the world including Dubai and Taiwan. He only needs a wall and he will end up doing miracles! So, scroll down to see some of his works and don’t forget to share these brilliant arts among your friends!

More Info: Tom Bob nyc

#1. Wanna buys some time? (Califonia)

#2. Pink Flamingo. (Massachusetts)

#3. Don’t play the saxophone, let it play you! (Miami)

#4. Kiss (Taiwan)

#5. Splat ((Dubai)

#6. Lunchtime (New York)

#7. Bird’s eye view (Dubai)

#8. Ribbit (Taiwan)

#9. Rat-At-Tat-Tat (Taiwan)

#10. I want my life to be art (Long Beach)

#11. You will never find a rainbow if you are looking down (Massachusetts)

#12. Global Warming (Miami)

#13. Yikes (Taiwan)

#14. Gnome down (Brooklyn)

#15. Knight helmet (Dubai)

#16. What is out of your reach (Massachusetts)

#17. Crab (Dubai)

#18. Get fit (Los Angeles)

#19. Gator sighting (Dubai)

#20. Strike (Taiwan)

#21. Caterpillar (Taiwan)

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