Meet Charles, a female bearded dragon, and Baby, a kitten, a charming pair that demonstrates how real friendship can endure despite all obstacles. The cat might easily harm the beardie, but he chose to snuggle with his Toothless to keep Charles safe.

Charles tenderly cuddles the cat to calm him down when her fluffy pal is afraid of thunder. The beardie is also there for the cat. When they are not cuddling, the two enjoy spending time together playing outside, gazing through the window, and watching over their house. Although Charles may be a little possessive and has previously taken Baby’s bed, the owner says on Instagram that “poor kitty went to sleep in a box,” they are best buddies for life.

Image Credit & More Info; charles_the_dragon

They even give each other little smooches!

They both look so content together!

They share one brain cell.

When they first met, their owner anticipated that the cat would fight the bearded dragon, yet all they do is snuggle! They should also protect their home! When the cat is afraid of thunder, the beardie is there to help.

They protect each other from thunder.

… and calm each other down!

They are so gentle with each other.

Although the cat might easily harm the beardie, the feline chose to cuddle with his Toothless in order to keep her safe. They also provide the most delicious breakfasts! This adorable couple is proof that genuine friendship can endure despite all obstacles.

Animals have a great way of loving, not just us, but eachother.

They have brunch dates together!

We can learn that true friendship can be found, even amongst the most opposite individuals!

Ps; These days Baby the cat lives with another three bearded dragons and two cats.

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