By. Anuradha

Announcing your love life on Facebook has become the new normal for most people who live in this digital age. Commenting on each other’s posts, tagging them in memes, and sharing posts have become an absolute necessity so that you would even hear about couples arguing when their partner does not tag them in memes! However, despite the advancement of technology and the so-called influence of globalization, something that we all should know is that,

If you are happy in your relationship, it does not have to be on social media!

Gone are the days where you waited for several dates to feel that you are in a stable relationship and even when you feel you are compatible with each other, you might have waited some more time to make things official. Since we are living in the age where things happen quickly and fast, people now upload pictures as soon as they meet someone new and from that moment onwards, you would be in the constant need to share details of your relationship on your social media sites. Starting from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Status, Snapchat to even Twitter, you would daily upload pictures of you both and from then onwards, you would be needing to share details of your love life with others. You would go on dates not to get to know each other better but to take pictures and even when you are together, time would be spent on checking your social media sites. Even though you can argue that there is nothing wrong in needing to share your details online, you should also be aware that,

You don’t need online approval to be happy!

The truth behind most of the break-ups and unsuccessful relationships is that people constantly try to measure their lives with others and feel disappointed when they do not have equal privileges. You would see your best friend’s boyfriend gifting her with a beautiful bouquet on her birthday and your boyfriend would have done nothing of that sort but would have spent the whole your day with you making you smile. But when you see these kinds of things online, you would start comparing yourself with her and feel bad not having such gifts. Yet, the truth may be that her boyfriend is not loyal like yours and you have got the better one. But when you start comparing, you would not see merits but only see faults and that would be the end of a life-time relationship!

A survey was done among 170 undergraduates in 2016 about “the relationship between online self-presentation and offline relational characteristic” also shows that many couples who have a better relationship are the ones who make their love life work in real life and not on social media.

Real happiness comes from being together.

When you start living with your partner, enjoying the moment, the conversation you have, you would understand how beautiful it is. You would not have the need to prove yourself to others and show off your lives but you would be genuinely happy and feel alive!

So, here are some tips to have a strong relationship:

#1. Plan dates to each other’s favorite places.

It does not need to be an expensive or an elegant place but you would know better what your partner likes. What matters is that you both stay together and showing that you care for each other.

#2. Communicate everything.

You need to know that every relationship has ups and downs. When things go rough, don’t just go mute but communicate and solve everything. Communication is the key to a successful relationship.

#3. Honesty.

Honesty is really important for everything that you do in your life. When it comes to relationships, you should be extra cautious, to be honest, all the time since nothing can proceed successfully when it is built on lies. So, don’t be afraid, to tell the truth.

#4. Apologize and forgive.

We all are humans and we tend to do mistakes. So, always try to apologize and also forgive when your lover does something wrong. Life is too short to be spent for regrets and hates and therefore, enjoy it in the best way possible.

#5. Celebrate each others’ achievements.

No matter whether they are a trifle, always celebrate victories as it would surely boost up the courage as well as the love you are having for each other.

So, enjoy your life in the best way possible and we hope that you would be able to have a real-life love!

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