By: Anuradha

Adopting a puppy or a little kitten or any other shelter animal is really a great thing. You will realize the full worth of your act when you see the happy face on your pet. Even though most of us hardly pay attention to the feelings of animals, they do feel and enjoy things in the same way that we do. They feel loneliness, they feel sadness and the only difference is that they are not capable of explaining all that they feel in the same way that we do and therefore, their worries and joys are not taken into much consideration too. 

However, if you want to make a change in your life in this new year, then please visit shelter home and adopt a pet. Watching your baby grows will give you much satisfaction and it will inspire you to do better things in this new year. There are some animals in these shelters who have never got a chance to enjoy the love and affection of either humans or from their own breed. They just look at the outside through the bars of their cages and they don’t really know what it means to be loved and valued.

Scroll down to see how these little pets looked before they were adopted and after they were adopted. They would tell you much about how love, affection, kindness, and attention can change another life to a newer dimension and we hope that these pictures will surely inspire you to do something better in your life!

1. Bumblebee. (BETA Lebanon)

2. Jackson. (AUChris03)

From a concrete cage to a comfy bed, the little guy is truly happy with his new life.

3. Pillow. (imgur)

His frown has turned into a beautiful smile because of adoption.

4. Sandy. (sanantoniojackson)

The dog-gone lucky!

5. Ned. (Lanny14)

The unsure, timid guy in the first picture turned into a happy being after adoption.

6. Little stray kitten. (imgur)

The hungry, stray little kitten look completely different after getting a new home.

7. Amelia. (imgur)

She was also lucky to have even Christmas presents this time!

8. Bandit. (imgur)

9. Little guy. (thadaclese)

10. Pearl. (imgur)

This little one who was called as Laurel spent her entire life on the streets of Texas until she was rescued by SPCA. She was eventually bought to a new home and was named a Pearl.

In the first night at the adoptive house, her human sisters realized that she is afraid of darkness and therefore, the two humans made beds next to Pearl and slept with her on the floor. The plan worked and the puppy had a sound sleep throughout the night.

11. Val. (clutchdeve)

12. Stray cat no more. (imgur)

13. Chex. (imgur)

14. One lucky golden Retriever. (imgur)

15. Cardozo. (Alexander Zaragoza)

Cardozo was used by hunters and was then abandoned. Thankfully he got a new home and living happily now.

16. Bodza. (Szabina Nyirfalvi-Lados)

17. Ara. (Alexandra Stefanel)

18. Nora Buduils. (Gintare Mateviciute)

19. Spokey. (goldie)

He was treated very badly by his previous owner but things changed once he was rescued by OSPA. Now he is living happily in his new place.

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