By. Anuradha

We all have friends in our life. Based on several criteria you can easily classify them into several categories. Some are there for fake reasons, some are there with true love and affection but among all of them, the best are un-doubtfully the low maintenance friends.

A low maintenance friend is someone who does not expect constant calls and messages from you. your friendship will not change even from the slightest degree just because you didn’t hear from each other from some time. These friends will be there for you forever even if you will not stand by their side all the time. So, these are the best of friends you can ever have in your life! Here are 7 reasons why such friends are important in our life. 

#1. You encourage each other.

You would not share the same passions and dreams but you will always be happy for each other and encourage them to achieve the best in their life. These friends will never leave you in your bad moments and will always encourage you to get out of situations.

#2. You never hesitate to ask each other out.

Sometimes, we constantly wonder before asking someone out. We wonder whether they like to spend time with us and whether it will be possible for us to spend time with them and about many other issues. But with low maintenance friends, things would be much easier to deal with. You know that he/she would come with you at any time and it would be fun to spend time with them.

#3. You two can talk about anything.

There are no limits and rules in the conversations you are having. You can talk about anything ranging from your sex life to your diet habits and they will listen to you without any judgment. They accept all those things as part of being human and therefore, you need not pretend with them.

#4. Your friendship is drama-free.

You will never allow drama in your life as both you and your friends know the real you. you will deal with things as it is and your friends would be drama-free. 

#5. Time flies when you are together.

You will never feel time passing when you are together. With everything that you have to catch up and share, every minute would pass in the speed of light and you will never feel the time even if you spend hours together.     

#6. If push comes to shove you are there for each other in an instant.

No matter how bad things are in your life, your friend will always be there to fix your moods and help you get through bad situations.

#7. They don’t freak out.

They will never hold grudges against you. even if you hurt them, they will forgive you and will always have a place for you in their heart. So, it is really easy to be with them and you don’t want to constantly watch your behavior or anything because they won’t freak out even if you did something bad.

So, check on your low-maintenance friends and let them know your thoughts are with them!

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