By. Supuni

During hard times such as these, kindness and compassion towards one another are what keeps us moving forward. Last month Hurricane Ida struck New Orleans and wreaked havoc. Amidst all this girl decided to step up and rescue the lives of a few adorable little creatures. Bailee Vilavaso is the kindhearted girl in our story who saved three squirrels before she and her family had to evacuate their home due to the turbulent storm.

This girl observed the squirrel nest that had fallen onto the ground due to the strong winds of the hurricane. To her surprise, she found three baby squirrels cuddled up inside it. Their mother was nowhere in sight. Bailee realized that she had to save these innocent creatures from the destructive hurricane. She then ran home and came back with a towel and box.

This girl dried the squirrels using the towel and placed them inside the box along with bedding. The baby squirrels looked rather weary and were all huddled up to stay warm. But this is not all that Bailee did. She even got in contact with a veterinarian to inquire about how to take care of them and feed them. Bailee officially became the adoptive mother of these three orphaned squirrels.

As soon as their stomachs were full, the baby squirrels regained their energy. After 24 hours had passed by, the squirrels then began to run and play around. They even climbed onto Bailee’s body and ran up and down her. Taking inspiration from the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks, she named the babies Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. Bailee took the squirrels along with her when she evacuated her home. She made sure that they were safe and the squirrels seemed to appreciate this.

Even though she tried contacting some animal rehabbers, they responded saying that they were overwhelmed with squirrels after Ida struck. But Bailee isn’t going to give up on reaching out to animal rehab centers. For the time being, she is more than happy to take care of the cute furry friends. This girl is undoubtedly an animal lover with a big heart. Thanks to her efforts the three baby squirrels are alive and safe and sound.

Image Credit & More Info; Bailee Villavaso | H/T; thedodo

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