By. Anuradha

The world looks perfect in your eyes when you have a lot of friends around. When you know that you would be appreciated and much welcomed by others, all your fears and concerns would vanish making you love everything that comes on your way. we found a cute video of a dolphin kissing a dog on a boat and this would be the best thing that you can see today for sure.

In the video below, you can see two dogs standing on a boat with their mater. However, a dolphin was much intrigued by these fur creatures whom they cannot see under the water and decided to have a better look. Being cute and adorable he is, dolphin decided to make a friendship with these new friends and what is good than a kiss to say hello? So, the adorable dolphin jumped out of the water to kiss the doggy friend and luckily it was captured by someone.

Video Credit & More Info: One World One Ocean

This footage is a part of the award-winning IMAX classic which features the life of dolphins underwater. “Dolphins” is a movie by MacGillivray Freeman film who is the founder of One World, One Ocean campaign.

Our nature is purely beautiful and the lives of these animals are way amusing than we think. However, all the oceans around the world are getting dirty regularly for various reasons making the lives of these animals much harder. While looking at the video and enjoying it, he also thinks about what we can do to protect Mother Earth. We all have a duty and a responsibility to protect it and if our animal and plant kingdoms get disappeared, surely all human beings will die as well. 

So, share the video among your friends and do ask them to contemplate environment conservation while enjoying it!

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