Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit – Khalil Gibran

Unconditional love and acceptance is probably the best gift you can receive in life. Being loved by an empath is the best kind of love one can ever imagine. If you were in a relationship with an empath, you would definitely wonder what you did to deserve such an amazing love.

If an empath decide to love you, it would probably be like you are experiencing something indescribable and that is simply because empaths do not love like ordinary people. They love differently.

Here Are Eight Ways Empathic People Love Differently

They are always honest

Empaths are always going to tell you the truth, regardless of how painful the result is going to be. Just because the truth is going to hurt, empaths are never ready to take the easy path. Honesty is one of the pillars which will hold any relationship strongly. If you are in love with an empath, you will never have to be worried about being cheated or being manipulated. Loving an empath will lift off the burden of doubt and having to assume things in a relationship. You will always get the truth throughout the relationship and you will always know where the relationship stand.

They will also expect openness and honesty to the same degree which they offer to you.

They are generous souls

Generosity is something that comes naturally to empaths. Empaths are considered to be very old souls who have understood the meaning of live more than an average person. They are pretty much selfless in nature and would always think about your needs above theirs. This quality of empaths will make you feel as if they are angels sent from heaven to look after you.

They will work hard to offer you all that you desire even if you haven’t asked them anything. Their ability of intuition will make them understand your necessities even more than yourself. They will give their heart and soul into the relationship and prioritise you above themselves.

Their love is intense

Empaths feel everything more intensely than an average person. You would never find a person who is more powerful, truthful and intense like an empath. If you become lucky to be in love with an empath, you will feel a great connection between yourselves. The reason for this connection is because empaths are telepathic and they will know how you feel even if you do not express it in words. They also feel what they should do to make you feel better and you will always be their priority. This great connection will intensify the love to an extent where it will make the time move slower and make you feel out of the world.

If an empath love you, they’ll give you everything they can. They will give you their time and love without boundaries.

They will never hurt you

Empaths poses the ability to feel what is felt by those around them. This ability has given them a better understanding about what pain and sorrow is and what are the reasons for pain. They’ll will probably do whatever it takes to keep you from feeling the kind of pain that they sense coming from everyone around them.

They will give you enough space for yourself

Empaths by nature enjoy calmness above a very social lifestyle. As empaths absorb feelings and negative energy from people around them, it is overwhelming for them to be surrounded by a crowed very often. They will probably prefer some space for them self to rest from everything that is overbearing to them. This personal space they prefer does not mean they are fed up of you. Instead it means they are recharging themselves.

The positive side of this is that empaths are not clingy. Empaths understand the benefits of space and they will give enough space for yourself. You’ll be able to breathe while being in a relationship. You will know you’re loved even when the person who loves you isn’t around you.

They will not project their pain on you

When an empath is hurt or upset, they will never project their pain on you. One of the most hectic thing in any relationship is passing the stress, pain and anger on different things through their partners. If you are in a relationship with an empath, this is something you shouldn’t have to worry about.

In their process of recovering, they might try to distance themselves from everyone. You should leave them space to recover by them self, but you should also let them feel that you are there for them.

They have a wonderful intuition

The intuitive ability of an empath will help them understand a situation or a problem in many perspectives. If you are in love with an empath, you will have no struggle to make them understand something in your perspective. They have the ability to look at a problem by getting into your shoes and understand your emotional standpoint and other rational and wider circumstances that led to a certain issue.

You will definitely enjoy having long conversations with them as they can understand you emotions, dreams and worries pretty well even if it’s hard for you to put into words.

They have caged hearts

One of the biggest misconception about empaths is that they fall in love easily. The truth is most of the empaths have locked hearts due to previous heartbreaks. As empaths are sensitive beings, they will not open their hearts to anyone who wouldn’t let them feel that everything is going to be fine. They value greater connection in a relationship above lust. Once they decide to open their long-time caged heart, you will be the one that receives all the love that was being held back.

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