Do you remember Azuki? A miniature Japanese hedgehog that dabbles itself in the wilderness through camping trips. Of course, his jaunty ears, perky nose, and overall roundness are hard to forget.

Well, we’ll have you know that this cutie recently switched from his warm and comfortable dream house to a set of tiny Coleman camping gear, and journeyed to the great outdoors! Little Azuki was well decked out in crucial camping gear, from tents and kayaks to a barbecue! It’s safe to say that he was all set for a successful campout, and photographic evidence proves that he had an absolute blast. Oh! How badly we want to camp out too. Gazing at his photos just makes our hearts swell with envy! We’re also highly tempted to adopt a little hedgehog just like Azuki for ourselves.

Live out your camping dreams vicariously through Azuki and have a look at the memorable moments of the most adorable camping excursion to have ever happened. We seriously doubt you’d ever been as full of joy and delights as this little guy.

Image Credit & More Info; hedgehog_azuki/Instagram

Just look at that gleeful smile! We hope to be as warm and snuggly as he is in that little tent.

Isn’t your heart bursting in awe of this magnificent little animal? If we didn’t know any better, we’d have thought this image was straight out of a whimsical children’s movie. Little Azuki is full of animation!

And to think it couldn’t get any more adorable…

A miniature lunch spread! Beautifully arranged on a little picnic table, perfect in size for the tiny hedgehog. And, of course, we cannot forget the even tinier straw hat!

Little Azuki never fails to put a smile on our faces. We hope he’s not too tired from lugging that miniature Coleman wagon around!

Time for the BBQ! This little hedgehog is clearly enjoying itself, on the grill set made just for him and his adorable height. Save some meat for us too Azuki!

Ah! That BBQ really filled little Azuki up. And to think he couldn’t get any rounder! A full belly calls for a long nap in the wilderness.

There you have it! One of the many more excursions to come, of Little Azuki.

We can certainly say that these charming photos put us all in the mood to trek the wilderness, kayak through the waters, and finish our evening off with a good old-fashioned BBQ!

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