They’re soft. They’re sassy. And we’re at a loss for words to describe the noises they create. Can you figure out what they are? That’s correct—foxes! We feel that these beautiful animals receive much too much of our attention.

I know foxes are wild animals. Yet there is a part of that very much wants to reach out and cuddle the sleeping fox. (francespanderson111)

During the last few months, they’ve been getting almost daily visits from this wild fox. His wife captured this photo of him and his wife at today’s sunset. (maxadrums)

Baby Foxes Discovered in a New Jersey Backyard. (Philip Wang)

We wish to brighten your week and fill you with pleasant energy. That’s why our animal-obsessed Bored Panda crew compiled this healthy collection of photographs of foxes acting all hilarious and charming. Scroll down, upvote your favorites, and share your favorites in the comments.

Image Credit; cyyclist

Image Credit; Rauca

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Oh, and do let us know if you find out what foxes truly say (we’re still a little confused even after Ylvis’ song!). Check these additional posts about infant foxes and creative fox photographs if you’re still looking for some healthy foxy bliss.

Image Credit; teo_sk

Image Credit; Llandryn

Image Credit; Sara Ryan

To learn more about foxes, the team contacted the crew at Help Wildlife, a British charity-run information website committed to assisting the public in knowing what to do when confronted with a wild animal that may require assistance. “Foxes are extremely intelligent, with smartness level comparable to that of dogs. Despite popular belief, they are not particularly clever.”

Image Credit; ltc_ir1

Image Credit; scaredoftheman

Image Credit; Danjjs

“If you spot a fox in the wild, the best thing is just to consider yourself blessed and observe them from a distance. “It’s never a good idea to try to pet or tame a wild animal,” Help Wildlife’s Sarah informed us. According to her, it’s fine to leave some food out sometimes but don’t let them link people with food or feed them so much or so frequently that they grow reliant on you.

Image Credit; cdftbt

Image Credit; bowlerhatbear

Image Credit; QuaratineWithPets

“With any animal, there will be a certain amount of crossover between diseases they can get and diseases humans can get. Sarah said of the risk of contracting a sickness when in the presence of animals.“

Image Credit; Chorleywood

Image Credit; n1cen1cholas

Image Credit; brandond67

Therefore, as long as you regard foxes as wild creatures and leave them alone, there is basically little possibility of you catching anything from them, she concluded.

Image Credit; yasaka_amam

Image Credit; nuttallp

Image Credit; HoydenCaulfield

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