Tucked away in the most stunning rural areas, small towns appear to be enchanted places. The picturesque English town of Wells is a prime example. It draws a lot of visitors thanks to its gorgeous architecture and lush vegetation. They come to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and see a unique tradition – the graceful swans that live at The Bishop’s Palace, who call out for treats anytime they desire one. Wow, such a brilliant flock of birds!

The Bishop’s Palace is home to several snow-white birds, many of which are residents of Swan Rescue South Wales. The palace’s dedication to animal welfare has ensured that the swans have a permanent and secure home.

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What truly draws in tourists, though, is the swans’ interaction with the palace groundskeepers. They go to the window with the two bells hung from it whenever they feel like having a good treat. The birds have figured out how to tug cords to let the workers know they need something. Staff members do their best to meet the demands of the birds by providing them with nutritious, specifically prepared food.

But this isn’t a recent phenomenon that only occurs in contemporary swans. It turns out that this custom has been around since the 1850s. It was the bishop’s daughter who originally started ringing the bells. Even in modern times, this practice persists, leading many to question how many swan generations have passed the recipe for tasty snacks down through the ages.

Swan ringing is a lovely custom that brings people together and makes them feel like they are a part of history. Tourists who stop by for coffee, shop for trinkets, or even just take pictures to share on social media can make a huge difference for small towns that would otherwise go without. A weekend getaway to a tiny town, where you may meet the inhabitants and perhaps learn about their unique traditions, is the perfect way to escape to a fairy tale for a little while.

Have you come across any out of the ordinary traditions like these? If so, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section.

If I get to chose a place to live the rest of my life at, this is where it’ll be.

Mama swan: So elegant and graceful.

Someone captured the video of them!

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