By. Ran

Any man can be a father. Any man can call himself the father of the life he created. But it takes more to nurture, shape, and love that life.

A father is not someone who earns enough to buy his wife and children expensive gifts and to send his kids to elite schools. Just because he takes his family on vacation annually, it does not mean that he is a good father.

A true father is the one who understands that family comes first, the one who is always there for his family. The one who does not abandon his family in tough times. He is the one who does not leave his family alone to deal with their own problems, the one who does not say that he did everything he could to keep his family together after it has already been fallen apart. No, he does not give such excuses.

He is willing to invest time and effort in his family no matter what he goes through. It does not matter to him if he is tired or if it feels like he’s not in his comfort zone.

A true, devoted father is the one who is willing to make compromises with no regard for his own self.  For the sake of his family, he is willing to sacrifice his own needs, wishes, and even happiness.

A true, good father is the one who sets an example of how women should be properly treated. The one who thinks of respect, kindness, generosity, and dignity when encountering a woman. The one who teaches his kids about unconditional love and support.

He teaches his kids multiple values. He teaches the importance of the virtues of kindness, patience, honesty, and loyalty.  This father will never be caught lying or manipulating anyone let alone his own family. He always teaches his children how to build relationships that are based on trust and respect.

A loving father is the one who teaches his children the meaning of proper, decent behavior. He never uses terms like “useless,” “incompetent,” “weak,” or “stupid” with his family.  He never loses his temper; he never lets his family feel threatened.

He knows that his family is the most important thing in his life. It is more important than any problem, argument, or temptation. He is aware that there’s no greater and stronger love than that of the family.

A true, devoted father is a role model and an inspiration to his family. He teaches his kids to work on themselves and grow both personally and professionally, to become the best version of themselves.

He is the one who knows his children inside and out. He knows the favorite everything about his kids. He feels the most content when he knows his children are happy. He shows his family what pure happiness and joy feel like.  He never allows his own problems to get in the way of his family’s happiness.

A true father is the proud dada of children who will say “He is my role model, my best friend, my mentor, and my coach. He’s my father.”

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