By. Anuradha

There are many dangerous jobs in the world. people risk their lives for the sake of others and firefighters are some such people who give no care for their lives when it comes to saving others. If you are interested in firefighters, you may probably have come across Australian firefighters’ charity calendar.  The calendar is being created since 1993 and the firefighters from Australia’s urban, rural, armed forces, aviation, and corporate services worked together to create this to aid charity as well as to inspire others to get in shape. 

2020 calendar is important as firefighters from France and Germany are also posing in the pictures. They have decided to support small, local Australian charities that focus on helping native, rescue and therapy animals from the money they will get from the calendar this year. They are going to issue 6 calendars and five of these feature all sorts of animals ranging from kittens, puppies to horses and farm animals.

However, there is no need to say that it is not only the animals that will please your eyes but also the well-built, hot firefighters which will make you look at your calendar more often than ever! Australian hotness mixed with the sweetness of animals has successfully been capable of giving a worthy message to everyone in the world. We all can save our wildlife and even a little donation that we make will result in saving the life of an innocent animal. Moreover, while appreciating the hot figures of the firefighters, we all can also work to have such a healthy figure.

So, scroll down to see some snaps from 2020’s calendar and don’t forget to share this among your friends and make them aware of this too!

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#1. Oh my, that smile.

#2. I am a cat lover, But that guy got is the best thing here.

#3. Rabit is like, “He’s my guy”.

#4. Marry me.

#5. Hey, duck.

#6. Bro, see that girl down there.

#7. Lovely.

#8. Who looks tougher.

#9. Let me kiss you too.

#10. That smile mmm.

#11. Lets go for a ride.

#12. Two adorable things in one picture.

#13. I’m suddenly a cat lover.

#14. He found the best place for a nap.

#15. Kittens are like “It’s my big brother. What now?”

#16. The puppy looks comfortable.

#17. Hey bro, see that cutie.

#18. Best place to rest.

#19. Lets go for a ride and then a slow walk down the aisle.

#20. That look.

#21. Let me get both dog and you.

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