Australia is a well-known tourist destination especially recognized for its cute koalas, stunning beaches, and friendly kangaroos. However, no tourist destination is devoid of danger and Australia is no exception.

Some might even refer to Australia as the Land of ‘Nope’ because it is filled with dangerous animals and natural hazards that might make anyone scream in terror. If you don’t believe me then simply have a look at the images below. They are all the proof that you need.

#1. The reason you give when someone asks you why you are so afraid of bats. (Kristy Garbutt)

#2. Lizards in Australia are not so tiny. (markeso)

#3. If you are petrified of spiders, then Australia is definitely not the place for you. (PineappleDildo)

#4. Cute, yet highly venomous. (estacado)

#5. To those who have not seen a gigantic pine cone. (Rodmunch99)

#6. This kangaroo has been hitting the gym. (Gumbyskangaroosanctuary)

#7. “Do not get into the water”, I repeat “Do not get into the water!” (robdedog89)

#8. Wonder why this kid is not freaking out right about now. (fancyfire)

#9. If you think this is snow, then have a closer look. (mad66)

#10. Certainly not what comes to mind when you mention the word “insect”. (

#11. Termite mound in the northern territory of Australia. (smally1986)

#12. Quite the rebellious toads. (MrMeMock)

#13. Well, Today I am gonna eat without heating. (chicknorris63)

#14. It’s a kingdom for spiders. (Wolf_SF)

#15. Well, I think it’s a kingdom for flies too. (kearvelli)

#16. I thought sharks are the kings. (HocusPenis)

#17. Hairy caterpillars are on the move. (RedViper27)

#18. Giant Orb spider captured in South East Queensland, Australia.. (RobStanley)

#19. The Net Casting Spider (Ogre Faced Spider) Hang Down With A Net Made Of Their Silk Waiting For Their Prey To Walk Underneath Them. (bensamuel86)

#20. The striped anemone might look pretty on the outside, but its deadly stings are hazardous. (Horrorwolfe)

#21. Wish I hadn’t read the sign. (

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