Kittens are the very definition of the word ‘adorable’ and they make anyone fall head-over-heels in love with them. Their tiny little paws and fluffy bodies are sure to warm your heart and make you go “aaaaaaw’. However, kittens do not remain the same and they eventually grow up to be adults. The transition from a kitten to an adult cat is simply mesmerizing and sure to inspire awe.

So, today we bring to you a collection of photographs depicting these amazing transformations that kittens undergo. Over the years they transform from cute little kittens to majestic adults. Have a look at the Then vs. Now photographs and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

#1. From feisty to meek-looking, this cat has definitely undergone some serious transformation. (Reddit)

#2. I have certainly come a long way. (Reddit)

#3. Was adorable when I was a kitten, and still adorable as ever. (Reddit)

#4. This cat has perfected the innocent face over the years. (Reddit)

#5. Been lazy since day one. Guess laziness is something that you can’t get rid of despite your age. (Reddit)

#6. Even though my size has changed over the years, one thing remains constant and that is my facial expression. (Reddit)

#7. I am drawn to the sink like a moth drawn to a flame. (Reddit)

#8. This is what happens when you try to relive your childhood. You end up realizing that you can’t go back to being a child again. Adult life sucks. (Reddit)

#9. Once a ball of fur, always a ball of fur. Aren’t I just adorable? (Reddit)

#10. Same bed and the Same Cat. (Reddit)

#11. There was a time when I used to be cute. Now I’m just handsome. (Reddit)

#12. Transformed from innocent to playful because I realized that being innocent was too boring for me. How do you like my new playful personality? (Reddit)

#13. I used to be an adorable princess and now I’m a gorgeous queen. (Reddit)

#14. Puberty hit him hard. (Reddit)

#15. When you make fun of your sibling for being too short and he ends up outgrowing you. How the roles have reversed. (Reddit)

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