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Sea lions are mammals who can swim in burst speeds up to 25 mph, but generally cruise at approximately 11 mph. Sea lions gain speed by porpoising, gliding on the water’s surface to minimize resistance. Surfing in front of waves or large whales seems to be a fun activity for sea lions. Sea lions have often been called the “Angels of the Sea” due to the unique way that they swim. Sea lions will use their hind flippers to steer and swim using their front flippers. True seals usually swim at about 6 mph and can reach speeds as fast as 18 mph.

Just after the zoos and aquariums started to close their doors for visitors, many people began to wonder what happened to their favorite animals. As it turned out, not only are they being taken care of very well, many of them are also provided with the chance to go on adventures. For instance, these adorable penguins from Shedd Aquarium and the lovely flock of sea birds were allowed to stroll around the empty aquarium after it was closed due to the pandemic. People absolutely loved the video of their little ‘field trip’, which inspired other zookeepers to do the same.

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Recently, Sea World, located in the Gold Coast, Australia decided to take their adorable sea lion named Birri Junior out for an amazing adventure. The handsome boy, as the employees called him, got the chance to visit his animal friends at the Shark Bay.

During this unique opportunity, Birri met up with tropical fish, rays, and other bottom-dwellers pals. No one can deny that the ocean animal looked absolutely stunned!

Recently, Sea World in Australia went viral for taking a sea lion named Birri Junior out for an adventure.

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