By. Anuradha

Love is a complete trap at times. Especially when you let a toxic person into your life, your life would be changed completely. Their influence, manipulation, and effect on your life will change you completely into someone that you are not. You become a part of that person and you will realize their influence on your life only when someone else points it out for you. Your daily habits, the people you associate and the things you loved would have changed and even without your awareness, you will turn into someone that even you would not be able to recognize!

But why do we let a toxic person into our life?

A toxic person will not show his true colors at the beginning. You would be trapped into his charms and things would change only when he has the full control over you. when he realizes that you are attached to him and will not leave him easily, then his mask would be removed. By then every conversation would end up as an argument. You would get blamed for everything and you will be the one who is always doing mistakes in your relationship. So, you will end up being a sad, miserable and a hateful creature.

He will separate you from your friends, will criticize the things you love in your life and will laugh at your insecurities. To please him, you will also stop doing the things that he criticizes and will stop doing the things that you love. But don’t let his shallow words fool you.

Don’t mistake comfort for misery and arguing for passion.

Reflect on your relationship calmly. If you feel that this is not the life that you dreamt to have, you wish to live then, do you think it is worth to spend your life with that person? just because of someone you met for few months or few years, it is not worth to spend the happy life you had earlier into a miserable one. So, be confident and make the right decision!

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