Although they might seem implausible, some friendships do move mountains and warm hearts. Members of Tanja Brandt’s family who are also outstanding animal photographers include Ingo and his pals. These gorgeous creatures with fur and feathers are the ideal models for depicting lovely, pleasant, and surprising interactions between two quite different species.

“I’ve always loved animals, since I was a baby, unlike the rest of my family”– says Tanja. “When I was little, I found every sort of pet and then hid it from my parents. I love the beauty, power, loyalty, courage, and friendship of animals. Many people could learn from them.”

#1. Ingo (Belgian Malinois) and Poldi (Owl) are great friends. So cool!

#2. Peek-a-boo! It’s so moving how everyone can be friends.

#3. We noticed they both have the same expression!

#4. They seem to be smiling! So cute!

#5. “So what are you looking at? We are just having some special time together!” Adorable!

#6. “Tell me your worries. I’m a great listener.”

#7. These pictures are so beautiful and precious!

#8. That’s love! So much expression, and willingness to be posed.

#9. “Pssst! Do ya’ wanna know a secret?” We think this is our favorite!

#10. Ingo is totally smiling in this pic! Heck, they both are!

#11. This is a ridiculously photogenic dog! People mostly know the Malinois breed as high-strung, mega-tough police dogs, but this series is too cute for words.

#12. This looks like Poldi is riding into an epic battle on his trusty steed. “Go forth me brave stallion!”

#13. “Hey! Stop peeking! We are in the middle of something!”

#14. Two peas in a … under some leaves!

#15. Sleepovers are always better with a good friend.

#16. What a gorgeous Barn Owl!

#17. Ingo the Dog is winning and Poldi the Owl is not pleased!

#18. Only the patience of a great photographer to get this truly amazing shot.

#19. “So…what’s on the agenda for today, Ingo? Run, and play, and fly, like usual?”

#20. Hugs are the best! Peace and a watchful eye.

#21. We think this one is our ultimate favorite. Truly beautiful. Tanja. You are so right in saying that humans if only they would realize it, can learn so much from them.

Image Credit & More Info: tanja_brandt/instagram | | Tanja Brandt/facebook

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