Dr. Cem Baykal has been passing the same furniture shop on his way to work for six straight years. Seeing a pair of stray dogs spending time in front of the furniture store is a pretty common sight for him. These two dogs are besties and they are inseparable. The furniture shop is named Istikbal Mobile and the store sells items such as sofas, mattresses, and curtains.
The owner of the shop is an animal lover and has a special spot reserved in his heart for stray dogs living in the area. This individual decided to do something to help these poor creatures and to improve their living conditions. He places a bed with a plastic cover in front of the store. This bed could be the one that they sell on that particular day or one that might be sold on an upcoming day.

The bed is not positioned on its side but is kept flat, allowing the two strays to lay and sleep there whenever they feel like it. During winter time the furniture store provides the dogs with a bed every day, whereas in summer the dogs are provided with water and shade. Thanks to the store owner’s generosity the dogs are not required to sleep on cold cement sidewalks anymore.

Image Credit & More Info; CEM BAYKAL | (H/T; thedodo)

Even though the citizens in this area care for the poor creatures, no one provides them with comfortable bedding. “This street is known as a rich area and everyone gives food or water to the local dogs and cats, but no one supplies quality bedding to them normally. This shop does,” expressed Dr. Baykal.

One rainy day as Dr. Baykal was passing by the store, he observed the two strays napping on the mattress and decided to capture a photograph of this lovely moment. He then decided to share the image on Twitter. Many people complimented the furniture shop owner for his kindness and I think that we can all agree on the fact that this kindhearted human deserves some recognition. If these dogs could talk, they would certainly agree with us.

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