By: Anuradha 

we all say and think that world has developed a lot since of late. We have easy means to communicate all around the world, travel anywhere we want and get to know everything that happens in every nook and corner of the world within a few seconds. But, can this be called ‘development’? if you really give it a thought you will understand that despite all the material sophistication, the world is degenerating day by day and the natural vibrancy of human lives have been distorted by the growing technical improvement.

Can you remember the last time that you had a proper dinner with your family? And how many of you didn’t bring your mobiles to the dinner table at that time? well, don’t go that far, just think about a friend with whom you had a conversation today. while one of you were talking how many times did the other check their smartphones? Well, yes. This is the reality of the world that we live in. we are more connected with people who live thousands of miles away from us but disconnected with the ones who are so close to us.

Over the years, all the technical devices like televisions, computers and other smart devices have reduced in size while humans grow into larger sizes. We have become a world of lazy people where our food is cooked in fast food restaurants. We just call and order whatever that we want and never tries to eat anything fresh. We don’t try to do even a small thing by ourselves as there are machines everywhere to do everything for us.

We teach our kids not the moral values but to win the huge competition around them and parents care only for marks and not about their behaviors and conduct.  There are many things that have changed with time and following pictures will speak a lot about the world that we are living in.

1. Smaller computers, bigger people.  – Unknown

2. Holiday pictures before and after smartphones.  –DanielZarz4

3. Checking the mail then and now.  –Poofytoo

4. Roles are reversing sooner than ever before. –

5. No one knows the value of hard work anymore.  –dorkly

6. Being a teacher in 1960 VS being a teacher today.  –

7. TV’s are slimmer but people are bigger.  –Unknown

8. The evolution of philosophy.  –Unknown

9. How to waste time by a decade. –

10. Durability then and now. –Unknown

11. Changing the life of runners. –Right-Brained

12. Texting Vs calling. –Endless Origami

13. Isolation is the new form of human contact.  –

14. From cruel to barbaric.  – Unknown

15. Landline jokes. – Dave Coverly

16. Water is the new gold. – Bishtoons

17. This is where sagging is headed. –

18. Welcome to the real world. –

19. Who needs families when you have cell phones?  – Maria Scrivan

20. Because of modern way of life, parents are busy earning living and kids are often left alone in a world that tries to make prey out of them. (Facebook)

21. It is true that money can buy you happiness, but if you are busy earning money, then ultimately you will be left with the choice of buying a false smile. So, concentrate on the priorities of your life and try not to regret the decisions that you make at some point in your life. (Facebook)

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