By: Anuradha

You are unique from everyone else in the world. There will never be anyone who has the same features like you, your height, and your hair color and even if there is a person like that he/she will never think the same thing that you think right now. You are special because no one else will say the same things you say or do the same things that you do.

Your heart can be broken and your soul shattered into pieces, but never underestimates your value. No one else will care for the people in the way you do. You deserve the best. Keep that in mind and never fall for a person who is not worth to have you. 

You deserve the best. You deserve to be loved, to be respected and valued. You deserve to have someone who will tell you how beautiful you are and listen to your heart beat under a starry night.

You deserve to have someone who will appreciate you for who you are without moulding you into a creature that you are not, someone who will see how perfect you are despite all your imperfections.

You deserve to be happy and not to cry like mad in each night. You deserve to have little surprises and random kisses on your forehead. You are special. So that you deserve to have someone who will always find time to be with you and make you his priority.

You deserve to have someone who will not sleep after an argument but will do his best to fix up everything, someone who will cuddle you at night and fight for your love. You really should have a person who will see what a mess you can be and love you the same for who you are.

You deserve to be loved wholeheartedly. You deserve to be loved by someone who will see the future through your eyes.

You deserve someone who will hold your hand tight even when everyone else leaves you. You should have someone who will understand your value and importance.

You deserve the kind of love you give to other persons. You deserve someone who will love you in the way you have never been loved.

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