By. Ran

Out of all the conversations you have in a day, real conversations are the rarest. They are so rear that sometimes, people go on for years without ever having a real conversation. It differs largely from small talk, which some belief is the trend now. But mind you, real conversations are so sexy that they are can form a connection between the participants instantly. They truly are the sexiest.

Real conversations are deep and profound; there is no hiding from any party. All the guard is let down. Fortresses and walls we have constructed to protect our innermost feelings and thoughts are removed. We stand naked and vulnerable, with nothing hidden. When engaging in a real conversation, everything must be handled carefully and gently. With both parties completely opening up, every word said and not-said should be handled with utmost gentleness.

In a real conversation, you can be you. There is no need to pretend to be your best version or something else. Once your soul is laid bare in front of the other party, there really is no need to take up some personality that is not yours. You can be your real self, with all your flaws and vulnerabilities. And it makes sense.

A real conversation can take place in any form. Even through text messages or e-mails. But the most effective and the best way to have a real conversation is to talk one-on-one.  Nothing connects people as much as talking face to face does. In a real conversation, all the senses are engaged. There is an intimate connectedness that works like a network. You feel the presence of the other party, their vulnerabilities, and their expressions. You hear their voice on a deeper level. You notice how the room smells, how the wine tastes like. How often have you seen couples holding on to old bottles of wine? They are intimately connected over that bottle, and it’s been an important keepsake ever since. A deep conversation over text messaging is fine, but nothing beats the real deal.

Real conversations are truly beautiful and rare. Sometimes, passionate, hormone-driven conversations can be mistaken for real conversations. But real conversations are uniquely sexy and profound. You will realize it once you have a real conversation with someone. And if you find someone with whom you can have real conversations day after day, we would advise you to think twice before letting them go!

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