By. Anuradha

Sometimes, the most beautiful things can be seen in highly unlikely places. A Caiman wearing a crown of butterflies also belong to this category.

Mark Cowan is a person who always adores the beauty of nature. In one of his study tours to Amazon, he was lucky enough to capture this beautiful picture which has since then, caught many people’s attention.

According to biology, butterflies need salt for their survival. They have perched on the Caiman to get the salt accumulated on its skin. This relationship seems very beneficial to butterflies even though less advantageous to caiman. However, no one can question the fact that butterflies give a better look to caiman. So, after all both the parties seem to mutually benefit from the process.

This wonderful photograph was also awarded by the ecology and environmental science category of the 2016 royal society publishing photography competition. Besides showing a beautiful relationship of mother nature, it also gives a message to all humans about how we all can co-exist together. Most of the time, humans tend to fight with each other based on several artificial classifications such as race, religion, region, gender, and many other facts. But, despite all these differences, we all are humans and we can live together if we have the will and the want.

Caimans and butterflies are two different species following very much different food habits and lifestyles. But by living together both the animals are getting benefitted and it helps them for their survival. So, while enjoying the picture, I also think deeply about the message it conveys. This surely is the high time for all of us to love nature as well as humans around us!

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