Among the many legendary cartoon duos, Tom and Jerry stand out. But in case you’ve been under a rock, it’s about two creatures with a deadly animosity: cats and mice. Cats and mice actually get along rather nicely in the actual world. However, it has come to light that there are a few incredibly charming anomalies. The mother cat here apparently didn’t mind if a little mouse joined her litter.

A lovely mother cat has just given birth to a litter of cute little kittens. Like any other mother would, she has been devoting herself fully to caring for the young ones, making sure they are healthy and safe. One of her “kittens” stands out from the rest. Surprisingly, the cat family has embraced a small mouse with wide arms—or paws, if you prefer.

Image Credit & More Info; angelamantha/Instagram | tiktok

When Angela, the cat family’s owner, made this peculiar discovery, she was shocked. She chose to film a series of videos capturing their special connection and share them on TikTok. Over sixteen million people have watched the films, and many have commented positively on how remarkable their bond is.

“This little mouse is here. All warm and inviting. Angela was astounded by what she seen. “I am completely at a loss as to how to handle him!”

The mother cat didn’t bat an eye when “her baby” dove into a cat dish to share food, while his kitten siblings looked perplexed by their unusual sibling’s penchant for cuddling up in their hair. Mama cat is teaching her kittens “absolutely nothing,” the “grandmeowther” Angela of the kittens shook her head in surprise.

There are a few of possible explanations for Mama Cat’s peculiar behavior: her maternal impulses to protect, and her inherent uniqueness. Considering that just 20% of orange cats are female, the fact that she is an orange cat is extremely unusual for a female cat.

Like it’s (usually) safe to infer that orange cats are boys and calico beauties are usually girls, cat coat color is typically associated with gender. Additionally, all cats are fantastic.

@angelamantha why do I have cats? 1 big happy family I guess! teaching her kittens absolutely NOTHING!!! #catsoftiktok #catfail #micewins #fml ♬ original sound – Angela Mantha

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