Kokoro is a doggo from Japan who looks similar to a stuffed toy and is the very definition of the word “adorable”. His owner shared the dog’s pictures on Twitter and he became popular overnight. Many people believed that Kokoro’s expressions were similar to that of a human and some internet users even conveyed that the dog’s face resembled Bob Ross’ face.

Since Kokoro’s expressions are very human-like some individuals did not hesitate to create memes using his images. This Instagram sensation is the proud owner of an account with over 170K followers. After a Twitter user named Hisoka shared some images of the doggo, Kokoro received more attention.

Image Credit & More Info; kokoro_official | kokorochandesu | Twitter

This cute doggo can be identified as a toy poodle. This breed of dogs are renowned for its fluffiness. These dogs are also recognized as the smallest version of the poodle breed and their size adds to their adorable nature.

The height of a toy poodle ranges from 24-28cm, while their weight varies from 1.8-2.7kg. Even though dogs belonging to this breed are social and intelligent, it is no easy task caring for them because they need lots of care and grooming.

A few seconds after your human yells at you for being mischievous.

How can anyone say “no” to that face?

Looking like an adorable stuffed toy.

Guilty of being too cute.

Everyone needs a little pampering once in a while.

A few seconds before the biscuits vanished into thin air.

Anyone care to sit next to me?

Admiring you own beauty is a part of self-love.

Giving out gangster vibes.

When someone annoys you and you just pretend like they do not exist.

Guess who is fluffier than the cushion.

When you get caught red-handed while you are on a date with the love of your life.

Just a doggo sitting on a bench and contemplating about existence.

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