By. Thilini

Chowder the Chow Chow dog is so fluffy that it looks like a real-sized teddy bear.
Living in the Philippines, this dog is as fluffy as a dog can be.

#1. Chowder’s owners have some really impressive grooming skills and they are capable of turning Chowder in to a fluffy angel.

#2. Such a cute little fella.

#3. Back in the day, Chow Chow dogs served as guard dogs at temples because they tend to build a strong rapport and protect their owners.

#4. Despite their feisty nature, these dogs are quite lazy.

#5. Smiling for the camera.

#6. Chowder brings so much happiness to his family and his Instagram account shares this happiness with the world.

#7. The owners hope that the notion that Chow Chow has a mean temperament will go away.

#8. With the right training and kind treatment, this breed can be made in to loving pets always ready for snuggles.

#9. He is just enjoying the pool.

#10. Fluffy and slaying.

#11. Travel with style.

#12. The most important person in the room.

#13. Can’t deal with this kind of cuteness.

#14. Lucky are those who have a pet like this.

#15. What an adorable fluffy ball.

#16. What a cute little thing.

#17. The fluffiest of them all.

#18. Wish I had an adorable fella like this.

#19. He is so cute in this outfit.

#20. And, with that, your daily dose of cuteness is taken care of.

Image Credit & More Info; chowderthebeardog/instagram | chowderthebeardog/tiktok

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