People Are Posting Examples Of How Media Can Manipulate The Truth (15 Pics)

In recent years, the traditional news media seems to be having a really rough time. A recent survey explained that most of the Americans have a negative (43%) than a positive (33%) view of the news media. This is mainly because people find it hard to determine which news is accurate.

Even though media should ideally be objective and accountable for what they publish/broadcast, in reality, most news channels are biased and have their own agendas. It does not matter whether it is run by the government or by some tax-avoiding billionaire, it will always give you a priceless power when you can change the view of “the masses” to a certain perspective.

What is the reason for people not trusting media anymore? Well according to the above-mentioned survey, 8 out of 10 Americans believe that the news media are a threat to their right to know the truth. The people’s expectation from an honest & objective media is far away from what they actually deliver. There were numerous instances in the past, where the mask worn by the media slipped and their manipulations were exposed to the public, damaging their trust. These things made people naturally turn to social media which consist far more manipulated news.

We can show you some examples of how media use different techniques of deception to trick you into seeing exactly what they expect you to see. You will understand by yourself that, it is always better to get your news from a wide range of different sources and have a rounded view of the situation rather than believing what has been directly offered. Social media is a good solution in that respect, but bad in terms of regulations, trolling and people shouting horrible things at each other. If the traditional news media really need to survive in the current age, it needs to convert into a form of rational debate and expert opinions, rather than being a space which manipulates their audience.

Scroll down to check out the cheeky bastards in action for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 Photo Taken When Kate Middleton And Prince William Presented Third Royal Baby To The World

#2 U.s. Marines From The 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit Help An Iraqi Soldier With Water From A Canteen In Southern Iraq, March 21, 2003

#3 Tv News Station

#4 Presidential Inauguration Of Donald Trump

#5 Hillary Rally In Omaha

#6 Soldiers Playing With Kids

#7 Conservative Leader Theresa May Launches The Party’s Campaign Bus In Northumberland

#8 Photographer Ruben Salvadori Covered The Conflict Between Israeli Soldiers And Palestinian Youths. The Picture Above Was Staged In Cooperation With A Young Palestinian

#9 Pro-Immigration Protest

#10 Tax Protest In Paris

#11 Hillary Clinton Event In Ohio

#12 Example Of How The Media Can Manipulate Us

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