By: Anuradha

Sometimes, the most unexpected things can happen to any of us in the least expected moment. imagine losing your engagement ring while you are gardening and found it 15 years later around a carrot! What would you feel? You can even get a mini heart attack!

Our destinies can take us through some crazy routes at times. Mary Grams is someone who faced some unexpected turns in her fate like that. She lost her diamond engagement ring fifteen years ago and after searching everywhere possible, she gave up her hopes on the ring. However, miraculously her granddaughter could find the ring fifteen years later when she was digging up some carrots in the garden to make dinner!

When Collen found the ring circled around the carrot she was amazed and at once she knew that it belonged to one of her family members. The ring was given to Mary by her husband Norman in 1951 and it meant a lot to her. When it was lost, she was reluctant to tell it to her beloved and she replaced it with another without telling him what happened. She is now living in Alberta but the family farm is in Armenia.

Now Norman has passed away and the newly found ring means a lot to Mary. Thanks to Collen and thanks to the lucky carrot who decided to grow along with the ring, the most precious engagement gift was found and there is no doubt that Mary is enjoying her good luck after all this time!

So, even you might have weird stories about lost and found objects and it would be really interesting if you can share them with us! Feel free to let us know what you feel about this miraculous reunion! 

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