By. Ran

It is not love if it hurts.

It is not love if it is hard.

This is the truth and we all need to understand this.

But it is not that simple. What is truly bothering me is the fact that, while we all agree that love is not supposed to hurt or be hard, we all try to be in relationships that are hard, that hurt us. We settle for partners that make our life hell. We justify their actions in the name of love. We keep telling ourselves that love is all about making sacrifices and commitments. But deep inside, we all know that it is not true.

Deep inside, we are afraid to admit the truth. The bitter, hurtful truth. The truth is that admitting this would mean walking away from them. Walking away from the familiar. Walking away and facing the unknown.

The thing is, the mainstream definition of love is wrong.

A person who loves you from the bottom of their hearts will never make you walk through hell for them. The one who truly loves you will never make you feel that much pain. They will never be the reason for those warm and salty tears.

Simple as that.

The right one will not make you suffer. They will not make you doubt yourself ever.

They will never walk away from you when you need them the most.

They will always have your back. They will make you realize that heaven indeed exists on the earth. They will be the sunshine every morning. They will lift you up and help you spread your wings. They will prove that love is the purest thing on the planet and that you don’t have to work hard for it.

The right person will have all the time in the word and they will spend an infinity loving you. They will look at you with fire in the eyes. You will have no words to describe how you feel. The desire inside their souls will be a never-ending fountain. The warmth of their arms will be the one thing you have ever craved for. Their existence will move the mountains for you.

The right one will make you realize that true love is not hard working.  They will make you see that being in love is the easiest thing when you are with someone who truly loves you.

Anything less than this is not worth it. It is that simple.

So, please stop.

Stop convincing yourself that he loves you. Stop justifying his actions. Stop telling yourself that you have to work hard to keep the relationship going. Stop giving yourself to people who are not right for you. Stop wasting your love and tears on the ones who do not deserve you.

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