By. Thilini

Friendships between different species always promise to be amazing and heart-warming. And this one, in particular, is even more so, as it is a friendship that has lasted more than 10 years.

Deer Buttons and her best friend Golden Retriever G-Bro are quite the duo and they share a very special rapport.

Lorrie, the golden retriever, didn’t know how to take care of a deer at first. However, Lorrie was able to get the help of a friend who has experience tending to deer and soon learned how to take care of Buttons.

Soon enough, Buttons became a member of the family, and befriended the furball!

Even after being released to the wild, Buttons kept coming back. Lorrie was surprised at how the deer came back to their house to pay quick visits. Buttons made it a habit to come and see them almost every day.

It looks like she couldn’t live without seeing the family that took such wonderful care of her. And, more importantly, she couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing her four-legged furry friend.

One day, Buttons showed by with her babies and it looked like she was asking them for help to raise her babies.

Especially, she asked for help from G-Bro and as expected, G-Bro was more than happy to lend a helping hand and share the maternal duties.

The first time G-Bro saw the babies were adorable. He was so excited and happy to meet them and soon became the adoptive dad. He played with them, took care of them, and even became their protective guard. It was adorable to see how he licked them all over.

Every day, Buttons comes and waits at the front door, as if waiting for G-Bro to come out. She even knocked with her paw when nobody answered. And, sure enough, when the door was opened, she came inside, without waiting for an invitation. It is clear that Buttons still considers herself part of the family.

We hope that this unique bond will last forever.

Image/Video Credit & More Info; Cute Dodo

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