Puppies are undoubtedly adorable, but how about a daycare center filled with puppies? Wouldn’t that be extra-adorable? The Puppy Spring Facility is a puppy daycare center located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. This facility has taken the internet by storm because of the adorable images that they posted of puppies napping. The Puppy Spring Facility cares for pups that are more than 12 weeks old.

These dogs belong to owners that cannot give them the attention that they require. Since some people work full-time, it is very difficult for them to find time to take care of their puppies the whole day. This is the reason why such facilities are becoming famous in Asian countries. “There are reservations for 30 dogs each day. We also operate as a play center where children can come in to relax,” a Puppy Spring spokesperson conveyed.

More info: puppyspring_/instagram

#1. Now I would not mind working here.

#2. The definition of adorable.

#3. It’s time for a nice nap.

#4. Dreaming of meat and bones.

#5. When you are living the good life.

#6. When you try to force yourself to sleep because all your buddies are already asleep.

#7. How adorable are they?

#8. This pillow is so comfy.

#9. Resting after a tiring day of digging for bones.

#10. That one friend who can’t sleep in one position.

#11. Too sleepy to be bothered about my pillow slipping away.

#12. These pups are having a sleepover.

#13. Sleeping peacefully like absolute angels.

#14. No wonder these pups fall asleep on such comfy beds.

#15. Even a pup needs some good rest.

#16. When you invite your best friend for a sleepover.

#17. Having good dreams for sure.

#18. I could watch these pups sleep all day long.

#19. Who would like to work here?

#20. Sleeping just like a human baby.

#21. Hooman, Can you cuddle me?

#22. Sharing is caring.

#23. Aren’t I the cutest?

#24. Fast asleep on my comfy bed. Don’t you even think of waking me up.

#25. Pups are generally adorable, but they are extra-adorable when they are asleep.

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