By. Supuni

The bond between humans and animals is mesmerizing. Most of us love animals, but only a few of us are willing to risk our lives for them. In an age filled with selfish humans, this man is a hero in a cape. Rick Swope decided to visit the chimpanzee exhibit in Detroit.

He went there with his wife and three children hoping to spend a day filled with all the excitement and fun. Their goal was to watch the chimp games at the Chimps of Harambe exhibit. The family was rewarded with a level of excitement they weren’t even ready for. Two of the chimpanzees were fighting near the water. The smaller chimp named Jo-Jo was followed by a bigger aggressive chimp, so Jo-Jo ran towards the trees.

Jo-Jo tried to escape the bigger chimp but unfortunately fell into the murky water-filled moat nearby. The chimp was drowning because of his dense body with thick heavy bones and lots of muscle mass. Jo-Jo disappeared under the water twice. Nothing was happening since the staff members refused to go inside the enclosure filled with apes. This is when Rick ran towards the edge of the exhibit and jumped into the water to save Jo-Jo’s life. The staff members warned Rick because apes are aggressive and territorial animals. But Rick was determined to save the chimpanzee’s life.

Rick grabbed Jo-Jo by his left arm and dragged him to land. It was obvious that the chimp was terrified since it didn’t even move in Rick’s arms. As Rick pushed Jo-Jo onto the grass, the chimp almost fell into the water again. But Rick pushed him further and ensured that the chimpanzee was safely on land. At first, Rick thought that the chimp was lifeless since he wasn’t moving. But when they got to land Jo-Jo looked at his savior, proving that he was alive. Next Rick had to ensure his own safety because another chimp was after Rick. So Rick swam quickly to the edge of the exhibit and climbed out. Rick is definitely a hero who loves animals very much. He will be forever known for his great act of bravery. Both Rick and Jo-Jo are safe and sound.

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