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Woman Captured Stray Cats Occupying The Circle Marks Near The Market

It seems that cats are excellent at adhering to the guidelines for the coronavirus quarantine (though we know they just love sitting...

Meet The New Grumpy Cat Called Kitzia

Meet Kitzia, the feline rival for Grumpy Cat's throne who constantly seems to be in a bad mood. With more than 100k...

Kittens Roam Freely In This Bookstore And Customers Can Adopt Them

Going to an animal shelter would definitely be your first choice if you ever wanted to adopt an adorable little kitten. But...

Diver Comes Face To Face With A Seven Meter Long Anaconda

It's probably time to leave the water when a huge snake licks the camera lens. Yet not for experienced shark diver and...

Gorgeous Wild Cat Turns Heads As She Casually Struts Down Street

Wildcats are creatures belonging to the family of Felidae. The species consists of two types, the European wildcat, and the African wildcat....

Fen Fen, The Adorable Cat Who Has The Chubby Cheeks

It’s not every day we come across a chubby, fluffy ball of fur that’s also a cat. Because they are huge, puffy,...


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