Rare Baby Albino Elephant Captured on Camera in South African Wildlife Park

By: Anuradha

Nature is a beautiful thing. It has a lot of secrets hidden inside and some of its creations are simply amazing! Now we are going to tell you about the birth of such a beautiful baby that you would surely love to hear about!

In Kruger National Park in South Africa, a rare birth of an albino elephant happened. The unique baby with pink ears was spotted by Nicki Coertze when he was in a safari with his family. He has been visiting the park for almost 30 years and that was the first time that he saw something so extraordinary like that. So, you can guess how surprised he was to see this baby!

However, it will be really hard for the baby to blend with grey South African background because of the color. He will surely be an easy target for predators and there is no doubt that the pack would have a hard time protecting the kid from all the dangers.

According to Dr. Ian Whyte, a specialist at Kruger Park, albino wildlife is more common than many people often think. We think that it is rare as many albino animals do not survive in the wildlife. However, the park is not quite sure whether the baby is albino or a white elephant. Most of the pictures that were taken are not quite clear and they do not offer a clear idea whether the baby’s eyes are pink or not. The baby has stayed close to his family all the time and it was observed that he was not given any special attention by others. he was treated just like others and Kruger National Park explains,

“It is unclear whether the calf is a true albino or ‘white elephant’. But maybe what is known as a leucistic animal. A true albino has no protective skin pigment, melanin and has unpigmented pink eyes and white skin with no markings. A leucistic animal is white, but has dark eyes, and can have some pigmentation, producing ghost markings”.

White elephants are rare and their color appears much closer to reddish-brown. These elephants are considered as rare in Africa and they naturally suffer from skin issues and blindness as they do not have any protection from the oppressive sun.

However, there is no doubt that this little cutie will surely grab the attention of many tourists!